Monday, March 13, 2006

Baby, here I am, I'm the man on the scene

People asked for it, so here it is... my very own blog. I have no idea just yet what I will be writing about. My friends with blogs tend to jibber jabber about movies, comic books, politics, literature, cars, macs, and 20-something cynicism. I may touch on those subjects from time to time. Well, probably not much literature, 'cause people who read too many books end up drinking a lot of Earl Gray tea, develop bad eyesight, and are afraid of social interaction. Here in Moranadu Earl Gray tea sucks, my eyes are pretty well fucked already, and I love a good party. I don't care much for comic books, either... unless they get turned into cool movies. Talking about macs is retarded. Cynicism is pretty pointless. Politics are important. I vote all the time. Talking about politics kind of blows, though.

Once I start doing real posts, my style will emerge. I hope you enjoy the ride.

- Captain Mike of the USS Awesome


Paul Demers Jr. said...

Congrats on the blog man! I am leaving the first comment which is pretty cool. I look forward to reading into the mind of a madman... If you ever want to read my boring ass blog it is here... Feel free to put it on your links page.

JudgeHolden said...

Mike! Awesome. I'm hyped you've got a blog now, and I'm also hyped you've called it Moranadu. I'll imagine you blogging away from your mansion filled with expensive relics and snow globes freighted with meaning. Oh wait. Unless you're referencing the Olivia Newton John movie. In that case, I do not condone the name. Anyway, I'll be checking and commenting with some frequency.

Speck said...


You drank hot tea all the time in the mornings in LA (maybe not Earl Grey, but Tea nonetheless.)

You read all the time.

You talk to me about your mac. I have the last voicemail you sent to prove it.

Your eyes are going as you mentioned...and yes you love a good party.

Sooo mr. closet book reading tea drinker....bring on the blogging. ;)

Captain Mike said...

I specified Earl Gray. That shit sucks.

I read magazines way more than decent literature.

When I must talk about macs, it is done out of necessity rather than pleasure.

Saturday was my one year anniversary back in Mass! Joy!

eldest sister g said...

Damned right...Earl Grey SUCKS... or is it with a Gr-A-y? I have no idea because I don't drink it because it sucks so much... maybe not as much as Mum and Dad's coffee though.
How can they not know how to brew it appropriately? Is it the crap they buy? Are they not measuring properly? It does disturb me.

All I must truly say about this page is FINALLY and I know your current existence is not your DENSITY brother. All will be well. I'm honored to have spent part of your one year back in MA anniversary with you.

Anxiously awaiting more...

Love you

blankfist said...

Cool. I'll be checking in to see what you write. Just be sure to be more creative than Crane, which is about as easy as breathing oxygen, but I feel it requires mentioning.

blankfist said...

Um, still waiting for some content, Mr. Moran.

Captain Mike said...

My St. Patrick's Day post will be up soon. Some of us work for a living, ya know.