Sunday, May 16, 2010


This movie should have been titled "Nottingham Origins: Robin Hood." That's not a compliment. What we got here is a grim war movie that serves as prelude to Robin Hood's heyday in Sherwood Forest. Problem is, I don't much care how Robin Hood became Robin Hood. I'd rather he just got down to business. Russell Crowe is already pushing 50 and looks it. If this is a setup for a Robin Hood franchise starring Crowe, we're in trouble and so are his knees. As with any Ridley Scott flick, it looks great, can be gripping at times, but isn't exactly fun. Cate Blanchett does what she can to liven things up, as does Oscar Isaac as Prince John The Swarthy, and if the whole movie were anywhere near as cool as the animated end title sequence, we might have had something here. But is isn't, and we don't.

So there.


Speck said...

For a movie I wasnt excited to see I actually ended up liking it a lot. Yes I had my issues with it...(such as poor use of zooms) But overall I happy to get a get a different "robin hood" movie...but yes the film should have been called "Nottingham"

Anonymous said...

Great critique, you should consider doing this for a news outlet! Cinema mam